Thursday, April 28, 2016

How to Make an Arch Stretcher for Dance

Melia has been dancing since she was four years old.  She loves dance!  Her dance teacher told her she needed an arch stretcher so we googled it to find a $200 tool that wasn't in the budget.  There was a cheaper one, but also videos on how to DIY.  So we decided we could make one that would work.  With the exception of the board, the materials were all bought at Jo-Ann's.  We bought a half yard of material, a piece of foam, and some thick band elastic.  The board was bought at Home Depot. 

 Materials used:
1. 2x4 board cut to preferred length  
2. Fabric
3. Elastic
4. Foam 
5. Staple gun 

We cut the fabric to size and trimmed the foam.  The foam is used under the fabric to add a little cushion for your feet.  We used a staple gun to secure the fabric and elastic.  The staples seem more secure, but you could use glue.  The elastic needs to be tight to help stretch the feet and arches.

The video can be viewed at: Melia's Arch Stretcher

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Family on the Go

With work, school, kid activities, family events, our family is often on the go.  We enjoy every minute of it, but this creates for busy nights and weekends!  We created a YouTube channel to document our family on the go.  You can check it out here: Family Go Yo
I am thankful we are able to provide our kids with lessons, such as dance, volleyball, basketball, golf, etc, but I am more thankful for the time we spend together!  The memories my kids make just playing together in the backyard.  They love to make movies, videos, and we will share them on the YouTube channel. You can subscribe at: Subscribe to Family Go Yo
In the chaos of life, two things happen in our family: mealtime and bedtime!  I cherish each time we sit down at the table for a meal.  It is then that we can chat about the day.  Due to scheduling we don’t all sit down together everyday, but on days we can, this is important to our family.  I guess it is something I cherished growing up.  My mom always made dinner and we sat around the table to eat together as a family.  We rarely went out to eat, it was always a home cooked meal.  Looking back, I probably should have watched more and learned to cook.  I have created some easy go-to meals that I will share another time, but my kids often ask for me to make things, “like Mama does”!
I also cherish our bedtime routine.  Our kids at the ages of 11, 9, and 6, still want a bed time hug and kiss.  So no matter how busy the day is, in the evening, they hear “I love you” with a big hug and kiss before they go to sleep!  In busy times when I have work to finish or laundry to fold, or even a show I want to watch, I have to remind myself that moment we created before bedtime is all that matters, so hug them a little tighter, and let them share their favorite part of the day because I am so thankful for those precious moments! 
                                             Melia, Chloe, and Bladen