Friday, June 3, 2016

Field Day Fun

As the school year is almost over, that means lots of notes for year-end parties, art projects, concerts, and Field Day!  Melia and Bladen had their field day this week, and we discovered Bladen is quite good with the hula hoop!  He tied for 1st place in his class for the hula hoop event!  Melia has now asked that we buy two for home so she and Bladen can have a competition.  Her little brother is catching up to her in height, so she wants to make sure she can still have the hula hoop champion title.

Chloe will have her Field Day later this month.  So for now check out Melia with some inflatable donut wrestling and Bladen's hula hoop skills:

Melia & Bladen - Field Day Fun 2016

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